Product Performance

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Millions of ceramic filter candles find their way into family homes and outdoor environments across the globe every year. The Doulton® facility manufactures and distributes to 140 countries from the heart of the UK’s traditional pottery industry in North Staffordshire.

Our heritage and commitment to water filtration is built on years of innovation and the highest international standards to ensure a quality product, every time.

Performance benefits

  • Highly effective barrier to filter particles and pathogens for maximum protection
  • Long life and long-term value, easy to clean and replace filters ensuring a 6-12 month quality lifespan
  • 100% natural ceramic materials and activated carbon
  • Healthy mineral preservation during the filtration process
  • Anti-bacterial properties inhibit microbiological growth within the ceramic element
  • Multi-stage filtration combines features to help target chlorine and heavy metals
  • Affordability with no power required to install and long-term efficient performance achieved
  • Environmentally friendly processes to reduce carbon footprint and waste reduction of plastic bottles
  • Versatility – with permanent home filter systems and portable outdoor gravity-fed systems, the choice is yours

To assure consistent quality and maintain rigid standards, Doulton® ceramic water filtration systems are backed by stringent in-house quality control procedures. Accredited by BS EN ISO 9001 international quality standards, we also hold the coveted NSF® and WRAS certification.

Annual independent quality control audits and laboratory testing is carried out to ensure high performance in all manufacturing processes, product quality consistency and global customer service.