The Royal Doulton Elite

Over 180 years of research & development in every drop of water.  Complete home drinking water filtration system... great-tasting water on tap in your home, straightforward to install, it’s time to start drinking healthy, great-tasting water

 To get the most out of life we have to make quality choices and aspire to be the best in every aspect to achieve the perfect balance of health, happiness, and enjoyment.

Water is a life force.

Royal Doulton® ELITE brings a new dimension to drinking water through the highest standards of filtration.

With hundreds of years of experience flowing through every drop, quality is assured.

Make clean, tasty water the foundation of your healthy lifestyle.

Choose  to drink Royal Doulton® ELITE water.


Hundreds of years of experience flowing through every drop


Harnessing the power of nature through ceramic technology


How water filters can help tackle the problem of plastic pollution

A rich heritage

A strong heritage means a brand that you can trust. Royal Doulton® has always been a pioneering force in ceramics.

In the 19th Century, Royal Doulton® was asked to create a water filter for Queen Victoria’s household to provide a solution to obtain clean drinking water from the filthy waters of the Thames, which harboured cholera and typhoid.

John Doulton had already acquired a reputation for ceramic innovation and drew on this to create a water filter especially for the royal household.

Doulton and Co, as the firm was then known, was eventually honoured with the royal warrant in 1901, granting the firm the right to use ‘Royal’.

After extensive research Royal Doulton® then introduced a range of porcelain water filters in 1904, allowing more families to remove harmful contaminants from their drinking water.

This commitment to ceramic technology and industry served Doulton well, laying down the foundations for a brand that was to become world famous and synonymous with quality.

The firm continued to grow in stature and reach, making its home in Staffordshire, the heart of the pottery industry, where it remains today.

Highest standards

More than 180 years later, Royal Doulton® still stands for the highest standards in water filtration.

In the Royal Doulton ELITE a high-specification ceramic filtration candle draws contaminants from the water supply providing absolute filtration by removing 99.99%+ of many contaminants and particles.

Well deserved brand loyalty has been built up through years of performance, innovation and quality.

There are literally hundreds of years of experience flowing through every drop of Doulton® filtered water.

To taste the benefits of centuries of experience, try the Royal Doulton® water filter.

Ceramic technology

The power of nature

Ceramic is a natural choice for filtration. By channelling the earth’s natural resources, Royal Doulton® has created a 100 per cent natural solution for cleansing contaminants from water.

Ceramic mimics the actions of rocks in nature, which draw impurities from water as it passes through the layers of porous material, gradually being cleansed of harmful contaminants.

By harnessing the power of this natural resource through research and technology, Doulton® has engineered a powerful and efficient way to bring the highest quality water to your home.


Filled with tiny pores that let drinking water flow through, ceramic candles capture bacteria and pathogens, while allowing healthy minerals to remain.

The network of tiny pores that make up the surface of the ceramic used in Royal Doulton® water filters is a hugely effective barrier that can trap minute particles.

Measuring less than one micron – 100 times smaller than a human hair – these pores work to trap unwanted contaminants, leaving clean, tasty water to flow through your tap.

Naturally robust yet versatile, ceramic is a material that will not corrode making it safe and effective.

Why drink filtered water?

A lifestyle choice

Water is an elixir of life, it give us energy, maintains the appearance of our skin and keeps our bodies healthy.

To drink as much water as we should we need to enjoy it and taste is a major factor in enjoyment.

Tap water carries the taste of the chlorine that is used to disinfect it and keep drinking water safe on its journey to our homes.

Once it has served its purpose there is no need for chlorine to remain in drinking water. A Royal Doulton® water filter will remove any disinfectants – and any bacteria destroyed by the chemicals – from your drinking water to leave clean, tasty water for you to enjoy.

Superior taste

It’s not just water in its purest form that benefits from the enhanced taste generated by using a Royal Doulton® water filter.

If you enjoy ice with your favourite drink make it Royal Doulton® filtered. Why enjoy the best whiskey or artisan gin then allow it to be diluted with melted ice tarnished with the taste of chlorine? Know you have the best of everything by making ice with filtered water.

The contents of your water will also affect the quality of your coffee and tea.

A coffee connoisseur will know that achieving the best flavour is a delicate balance struck from using flavour-packed beans and a good coffee machine – water however is a major ingredient.

Whether steaming milk for a latte or filling up an Americano, using a Royal Doulton® water filter will improve your coffee drinking experience.

This smoother taste extends to tea, while a filter will also help to remove surface debris from hot drinks.

By targeting chlorine a water filter will help to reduce bitterness while taking out limescale will remove surface residue in hot drinks.

Limescale build-up can be a serious problem for kitchen appliances and using a water filter will not only improve the taste of your coffee but help to protect your kettle or hot water dispenser.

This enhanced taste crosses over into the quality of your cooking. Whether steaming, boiling or blanching, the quality of the water you use will have a direct effect on the taste and quality of your food.


Knowing what is in the water that you drink and use is part of an informed approach to a healthy lifestyle.

After all what is more important than good health? The main reason, of course, for choosing to drink filtered water is for health and wellbeing.

Drinking enough water to avoid becoming dehydrated is important to maintain productivity and to allow the body to work to the best of its abilities.

If the body becomes dehydrated lethargy, headaches, dizziness and serious illness could follow.

In addition, minimising exposure to certain contaminants will help to keep your body healthy. Lead, rust, nitrates, e-coli, cryptosporidium and giardia are just some of the contaminants that can find their way into the water supply that could potentially cause illness.

While most water authorities have procedures in place to reduce common contaminants, taking charge of your water by using a water filter is the best way to make sure you know what is in the water you are drinking.

A Royal Doulton® water filter will put you in charge of what is in your water by providing high quality water filtration.

The Royal Doulton ELITE

The Royal Doulton® ELITE brings the very best technology, research and materials together to set a new standard in drinking water quality.

Designed to be discreetly fitted under the main kitchen sink, the Royal Doulton® ELITE will provide high quality, tasty drinking water from a dedicated tap.

It features a high-specification ceramic filtration candle, which draws contaminants from the water supply, combined withEcoFast® technology housing.

Made from BPA-free food grade plastic the housing allows for easy removal of the candle when it needs to be replaced and also features an automatic water shut off.

The Royal Doulton® ELITE candle is of the highest specification and provides 99.99%+ filtration of contaminants.

Through the ceramic outer shell the filter removes bacteria and cysts including e-coli, shigella, cholera and giardia. The candle is impregnated with silver to prevent bacteria growth.

Activated carbon is used to draw out chlorine, while heavy metal reduction media targets any lead, mercury and cadmium present.

With the contaminants removed the filtered water is channelled towards a dedicated stylish chrome Royal Doulton® tap.

Functional and an aesthetic asset for any kitchen, this long reach tap also features an LED display that indicates when the filter will need to be changed to retain optimal performance.

For tap water of the highest standard choose Royal Doulton® ELITE.


Turn your back on plastic

Sustainability is a byword for ethical living. As the planet is being swamped with waste that is threatening eco-systems across the world we need to take action to cut our footprint.

Plastic has emerged as a major problem and is destroying marine life at a shocking level.

More than 500 billion plastic bottles were bought across the world in 2016, many of these will have failed to be recycled.

Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose and 100,000 marine animals and one million seabirds die each year as a result of plastic waste.

Single-use plastic is a huge part of this problem, not least plastic water bottles – used once then discarded to add to the problem of plastic pollution.

In response to the concerns about plastic the British government has outlined a 25-year plan to stop the use of ‘avoidable’ plastic.

Cities are setting out their eco-credentials and bidding to become plastic free while free water networks are seeing businesses open their doors to non-paying customers looking for a water refill to cut down on plastic bottle use.

UK supermarkets have also pledged to ban unnecessary single-use plastic by 2025.

There is no need to buy bottled water, filtered tap water provides the very best quality water – without adding to the problem of single-use plastic.

A Royal Doulton® water filter offers a permanent and sustainable solution for clean, healthy water.

Families can use their main kitchen tap to fill up reusable bottles before leaving the house safe in the knowledge they have ready access to high quality drinking water – and that they will not be adding to the problem of plastic pollution.

Plastic in drinking water

The true extent of the problem of plastic waste has been driven home by findings that plastic microparticles are often present in both tap water and bottled water.

The Royal Doulton® ELITE removes microparticles down to 0.2 microns in size from drinking water. 

Plastic is a real problem but you can play your part in reducing waste. Use a Royal Doulton® water filter to make sure you have sustainable access to high quality, healthy water while protecting yourself from the presence of plastic microparticles. 


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