Why drink filtered water?

A lifestyle choice

Water is an elixir of life, it give us energy, maintains the appearance of our skin and keeps our bodies healthy.

To drink as much water as we should we need to enjoy it and taste is a major factor in enjoyment.

Tap water carries the taste of the chlorine that is used to disinfect it and keep drinking water safe on its journey to our homes.

Once it has served its purpose there is no need for chlorine to remain in drinking water. A Royal Doulton® water filter will remove any disinfectants – and any bacteria destroyed by the chemicals – from your drinking water to leave clean, tasty water for you to enjoy.

Superior taste

It’s not just water in its purest form that benefits from the enhanced taste generated by using a Royal Doulton® water filter.

If you enjoy ice with your favourite drink make it Royal Doulton® filtered. Why enjoy the best whiskey or artisan gin then allow it to be diluted with melted ice tarnished with the taste of chlorine? Know you have the best of everything by making ice with filtered water.

The contents of your water will also affect the quality of your coffee and tea.

A coffee connoisseur will know that achieving the best flavour is a delicate balance struck from using flavour-packed beans and a good coffee machine – water however is a major ingredient.

Whether steaming milk for a latte or filling up an Americano, using a Royal Doulton® water filter will improve your coffee drinking experience.

This smoother taste extends to tea, while a filter will also help to remove surface debris from hot drinks.

By targeting chlorine a water filter will help to reduce bitterness while taking out limescale will remove surface residue in hot drinks.

Limescale build-up can be a serious problem for kitchen appliances and using a water filter will not only improve the taste of your coffee but help to protect your kettle or hot water dispenser.

This enhanced taste crosses over into the quality of your cooking. Whether steaming, boiling or blanching, the quality of the water you use will have a direct effect on the taste and quality of your food.


Knowing what is in the water that you drink and use is part of an informed approach to a healthy lifestyle.

After all what is more important than good health? The main reason, of course, for choosing to drink filtered water is for health and wellbeing.

Drinking enough water to avoid becoming dehydrated is important to maintain productivity and to allow the body to work to the best of its abilities.

If the body becomes dehydrated lethargy, headaches, dizziness and serious illness could follow.

In addition, minimising exposure to certain contaminants will help to keep your body healthy. Lead, rust, nitrates, e-coli, cryptosporidium and giardia are just some of the contaminants that can find their way into the water supply that could potentially cause illness.

While most water authorities have procedures in place to reduce common contaminants, taking charge of your water by using a water filter is the best way to make sure you know what is in the water you are drinking.

A Royal Doulton® water filter will put you in charge of what is in your water by providing high quality water filtration.