Why choose Doulton?

Why Choose Doulton?

It’s simple really.

Doulton® has been committed to providing you and your family with the finest natural drinking water filters since 1826. We’re proud to be an eco-friendly manufacturer with multiple industry certifications and recognised by the highest international quality standards. Made in Great Britain, Doulton® ceramic water filters are convenient, versatile and economical, derived from naturally occurring raw materials. Improve the look, taste and odour of your water by filtering out unwanted contaminants to enjoy a truly refreshing drink for everyone.

Because you deserve healthy, great tasting water for the whole family to enjoy.

Whether it’s a cool refreshing glass of water after family time in the garden, washing your salad and veggies on a camping trip, or making a homemade iced lolly with the children, it’s important for you to know that your water is as healthy as possible.

With a Doulton® ceramic water filter, you benefit from the experience of a world-famous manufacturer that has provided an easy way to achieve superior filtered water in your home and outdoors.

Now you can feel completely confident that your drinking water is healthy and free from contaminants. Choose from several filter grades and additional pre-filters designed to give you a “tailored solution” for filtering your water supply.

Healthy water. Healthy life

On average, the human body is made up of 60% water. It’s vital to stay hydrated and replenish your water level throughout the day in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Accessibility to great tasting water makes it easier and more enjoyable to drink. Plus, it helps to remove unnatural sugary juices and carbonated drinks, especially from our children’s diets.

Refill not landfill

Doulton® actively promotes an affordable eco-friendly ethos. Removing the need to purchase plastic bottled water saves money and lots of landfill space! A Doulton® drinking water filter can last for up to 6 months and filters up to 2,300 litres of water – that’s only a few pennies, not pounds, per litre. Just think about what you could spend your savings on – we say “refill not landfill.”

A pioneering heritage

In the 19th century, rivers were our main water supply but they were also our primitive sewer system, a factor that had serious consequences for our ancestors’ health.

In 1826, Henry Doulton invented the concept of the contemporary ceramic candle water filter. Commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1835, he was awarded a knighthood in 1887 for his innovative Services to the British Empire in pioneering water filtration. He discovered that filtering water through porous ceramic would prevent people from falling ill due to cholera and other waterborne diseases. Doulton® has continued his life’s work, achieving numerous awards and international accreditations for sustained commitment to innovation.

Access healthy water the easy way

Doulton® water filter systems offer a highly efficient way to remove chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride that are added during water treatment stages. Any heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria and cysts that may have penetrated the water are also removed. In fact, it’s proven that 99.99%+ of these nasties are eliminated for good and all that remains is a more natural and healthier filtered water supply to drink and prepare your food with – at home, outdoors or on the move.

The Doulton® range is trusted by millions. Every ceramic filter candle carries a unique authenticity code and every filter housing has a warranty to ensure product legitimacy.